My name is Lenore Black, and I am a Sex Witch, erotic coach, and writer.  As a practicing witch for over 13 years, I bring my knowledge of ritual eroticism and conscious kink to my clients, in 1:1 coaching sessions and transformative online courses.  Trained and initiated into Traditional Wicca, my style of magick draws from ceremonial witchcraft, and I provide space for my clients to experience deep sexual healing and connecting them to the root of their arousal.

I am a Sacred Slut, and believe that self-awareness, acceptance, and conscious, ritual experiences can not only change your sex life, but also lead to full embodied sexual empowerment and alignment.  I am trained in Tantric massage and Somatic sex coaching, and combine physical practices with reflective shadow work to find your greatest pathways to pleasure.

I believe that sacred sexuality is a practice that should be accessible to everyone.