What is Erotic Coaching?

Below are some frequently asked questions about what erotic coaching is, and how I interpret sex magick.  If you have any other questions, please feel free to email me.

What is Erotic Coaching?

Erotic coaching is a pleasure-based somatic healing experience that utilizes my skills in witchcraft, BDSM, and tantric healing to create a customized plan and rituals to help you connect to your body, process shame and trauma, and develop the vocabulary for your own unique erotic blueprint. Instead of typical therapy, which can focus on your “problems”, we focus on what actually brings you pleasure, and what you enjoy. The more you understand your own pleasure, the more fully you can show up in your erotic power for yourself and your partner(s).

Is Erotic Coaching right for me?

I believe that everyone can benefit from this deep dive and practice, but you need to be dedicated emotionally, physically and financially to harnessing your own erotic power.  I am here to support you every step of the way.  Although it is different for each individual, I find that just a few sessions are needed to create huge shifts and processing of old patterns, but I also offer options for ongoing support as well.

If you have deep trauma, ideally you have already seen a therapist and can navigate and self-soothe your own triggers, as this work can be very triggering. Erotic coaching is not a replacement for therapy, but a beautiful addition and tool to help you understand your sexuality.

How do the sessions typically work?

With the 3 session package, we begin by filling out a detailed sexual history form so that I get a clear view of what you are trying to work on.  The first session is where we get deep into your sexual shadow and shame.  The second session we begin to create a map of your sexuality and how you give and receive pleasure. The third session is a custom-designed erotic ritual to aid you in reclaiming your sexual power. I also believe in rituals as a daily and spiritual practice, so these will likely be a part of your custom plan as well. These are a combination of my skills and experience in witchcraft, BDSM, and tantric healing.

What is Sex Magick?

Sex Magick has many different interpretations and uses. I use Sex Magick to create a container for your exploration and healing. This is an *energetic* exchange, and does not involve actual sex. Together we create a customized ritual to help you connect to your body and break through old patterns and thought processes. If you are familiar with witchcraft, this is a very intentional and ceremonial process.

What is the difference between your sessions?

I offer three different types of sessions depending on what your goals are. If you would like to work with me in-person I offer a 3 session package to give us time to create a plan that supports your erotic transformation. My work is deep, and I feel results are best achieved after a few sessions. My Erotic Ritual Coaching sessions are available as individual sessions through Zoom only.

The Erotic Mapping & Kink Exploration is designed for those that want to expand and explore new areas of their sexuality within a safe and healing container.

The Ritual Healing & Trauma Intensive is designed for those that wish to heal deep wounds and patterns around their sexuality. This is an intense and gentle practice, created just for you.

The Erotic Ritual Coaching via Zoom is created for clients that cannot work with me in person, but would still like to explore their sexuality and heal their wounds. These sessions will still include customized rituals, but I will not be there to perform them with you. The third session is a follow-up session where we will process your ritual together.

What are your pricing options?

My 3 session packages for in-person sessions are:
$650 for womxn & femmes
$800 for men
sliding scale available, see below.

My 3 session packages for online sessions via zoom are:
$350 for all genders
$150 for individual sessions zoom only

Do you offer a sliding scale?

I do offer 2 sliding scale appointments/ month for queer, POC, disabled, and sex workers.  I truly believe in the power of sexual healing, and I understand that cost can be a barrier for many.  These sessions are on a case by case basis, and if you are interested, please send me a message on Instagram directly (@ex_libris__).  Sessions are $60-$100 for 60 minutes.