Work With Me

Are you ready to use sex magick to heal and transform your relationship to your body?

My 1:1 Sacred Erotic Mentorship program is designed to help you connect to your body, seduce your shadow, and fuck like Venus.  This program is minimum of 3 sessions, and is a combination of ritual, somatic coaching, and touch to help you connect to your erotic self. The rituals are inspired by my training in ceremonial witchcraft, BDSM, Tantra, and sacred sexuality.  

We begin by diving deep into your shadow and healing what is holding you back. Then we craft your own unique erotic design to give you the vocabulary to map out your desires. Next we create a plan for you to embody and invoke your erotic self. We work with spells and rituals crafted for your path, whether that is integrating your shadow, healing your trauma, exploring your sexuality, or connecting with your partner.  Navigating this process can be intense and triggering, so know that you will be supported and guided by me through every phase. 

Apply to Work With Me

I want to make sure that my work is a good fit for you, and learn more about you, in order to help you reach your goals and to create authentic alchemy.  Please fill out this application as is relevant to you, and I will reach out to you as soon as possible to book. Please read my FAQ page for pricing and options before filling out the application.

It's very important that the people I work with are financially and energetically prepared to dive deep into their sexual wellness and healing. Thank you!